Our partners

At Dot Dot Fire, we believe there are real educational games that teach students not only textbook knowledge, but also to motivate them the interest in learning. We seek to connect students, parents, and schools to great games and want our players to represent our delivery. The games made by Dot Dot Fire are simply original and creative, and we honored this to our partnership in all forms of support.

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We are grateful for the support of FoolProof Foundation in the development of our financial literacy educational game: the NeighborMood. FoolProof Foundation is an educational foundation trusted by over 8,000 schools, that teaches consumers of all ages financial self-defense skills. It teaches consumers the importance of questioning anything that touches their money or their wellbeing.

Catholic Mission School is our long-term partner to use STEM educational games for their students, they provide extraordinary feedbacks for the improvement of our games. Catholic Mission School is a Catholic co-educational government-aided primary school in Hong Kong, which is well-known for its unique “school-based international courses” focus on cultivating children’s worldviews. 46% of the students in school are from 38 different nationalities.