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Proudly Partnering with The FoolProof Foundation

The FoolProof Foundation's core mission is to teach consumers to question anyone or anything that is going to impact their money or welfare.

To date, FoolProof has deployed their financial literacy modules to over 7,000 school across the United States.



It's one thing telling you that you shouldn't get a credit card. It's another thing doing it in-game and finding yourself in severe debt. This is why® is such a powerful tool.

In The NeighborMood™, you can make poor financial decisions and see how they affect your life. Learn from the mistakes you've made in-game and become a more FoolProof person in real life.

Be Addicted for the RIGHT Reasons

Most games want people to be addicted to them for all the wrong reasons. Our edga.mes® want people to become addicted to learning and come out with something they can have for the rest of their lives.

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