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Start gaming ethically and learn real financial literacy with The NeighborMood™!


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Learn everything about financial literacy: the free educational game for kids

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A story-based adventure

Just like real life, your decisions make a difference. This game isn’t controlled by difficulty levels. Your actions control what happens. The NeighborMood is a fully immersive experience that teaches life skills rather than singular financial skills.


100% commercial-free

Virtually all major financial education products are shaped by the debt industry that wants kids to make money mistakes. The NeighborMood is different – we are completely commercial free and have no hidden agendas.


A guided experience

Get involved and play our learning edgame with your kids. A teaching guide is available for parents and educators to kickstart discussions. Our Financial Savviness score is a good indicator of how well kids are making financial decisions.

Learning Real Financial Literacy with The NeighborMood™

Explore the fundamentals of financial literacy and money management with your kid in this life simulation learning game. Through making different financial decisions and key life decisions, your child will learn to analyze the consequences of their choices, problem-solve, and find their own strategies and paths towards success. Just like real life.

Supercharge your kids’ financial knowledge

FICO Scores, Experian, TransUnion… All of these are widely used across the U.S., but 56% of Americans have no idea their credit score is the most important factor when applying for a mortgage, car loan, or new credit card, according to the FoolProof Foundation.

From managing financial transitions, opening a financial institution account, getting your first paycheck, identifying money flipping scams… The NeighborMood shows your kids how financial decisions can impact their credit and their wealth.

An educational game designed for parents & kids

We encourage parents to take the concepts learned in the edgame beyond screen time! The teaching guide provides various fun activities for parents to consolidate in-game learning, e.g. identify “fake promotions” at the supermarket and compare those the the fake promotions in-game.

Fail safely and forward in The NeighborMood. Kids can experience how making poor financial decisions can affect their lives in the safe, simulated environment of our educational game. It’s a chance to learn from failure and create lessons that stick.

Proudly Partnering with FoolProof Foundation


The FoolProof Foundation’s core mission is to teach consumers the importance of questioning anything or anyone that touches their money or their wellbeing.

FoolProof is a trusted financial literacy curriculum endorsed by Public Citizen, the Consumer Federation of America, the National Association of Consumer Advocates, and the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. To date, FoolProof has deployed their financial literacy modules in over 8,000 schools across the United States.

Reviews from our users

“NeighborMood lends itself well to creating a fun, detailed educational experience that fills in the gap of financial faux pas that is severely lacking from the existing educational system. I envision this app guiding its users to make better financial decisions and be more critical thinkers. Highly recommended!”


Jack Westbury – January, 21, 2021

“Such a good interactive game and one of the best graphics in games like this I’ve seen! The game runs smoothly, having a lot of fun right now with it :)”


Melanie Tse – January, 28, 2021

“As a parent, I vet the games my daughter plays, and this is a great educational tool to teach her about responsible consumerism and to expose her to the necessity of work-life balance! Maybe this will convince her to find a part-time job? Here’s hoping! :)”


AmyHK – January, 14, 2021

“I like this game very much because it teaches me about how I can keep my money away from the scammers and how to spend them wisely. I hope more people will find out the advantages to play this game. I also hope they can let us decide what are names are, not only Ali. Keep up!”


kellychanjen – January, 14, 2021

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