Bring the real STEM lessons into your classroom

Dive into the interdisciplinary world of flight.
Teach STEM concepts and soft skills through these 10 games!

Get your STEM mindset on

From physics to problem-solving to fine motor skills, and more!


10 interactive games

A fresh experience in every edgame, each of which focuses on a different aspect of how aviation works. The 10 games come together to cover concepts across the STEM disciplines and more.


21st century skills focus

Unlike many STEM products such as commercial robotics projects, the STEM edgame series doesn’t just teach concepts, but also has a strong focus on soft skills such as hand-eye coordination, decision-making, and problem-solving.


Teaching guide for educators

Play the games with your kids and discuss the concepts they’ve learned and how they’ve applied them. A teaching guide is available with suggested activities and discussion points to really consolidate their learning.

Learning STEM through immersion and application

These interactive STEM educational games offer a fun and immersive experience in each module with learning objectives spanning across the STEM subjects.

Dot Dot Fire’s STEM edgame series gives students access to a breadth of topics and knowledge integrated into STEM-centric situations. We aim to spark genuine interest and discover kids’ future potential.

Start with WHY

We encourage a fundamentally interdisciplinary STEM mindset, with an emphasis on nurturing positive attitudes and students’ soft skills.

The STEM edgame series provides a platform for students to develop conscientious problem solving and decision making, skills which are crucial to young learners in an ever-changing global landscape.

  • Ready-to-use lesson preparation and support


  • Dot Dot Fire’s proprietary hands-on device


  • Learning data analytics



Available for iPad and Windows PC

*Minimum specifications apply for devices.

Student Success with our STEM EdGame Series

“Students are more willing to try and learn from their mistakes [through the STEM edgame series], and this is exactly what we want our students to achieve.”

Mr. Wong Ka Chun

Teacher at Lai King Catholic School
Full interview

“I can see students take the leading role in their edgame learning, while teachers gives guidance to support, advance and retreat together on problem-solving. I’m glad it brings positive impact to their relationship.”

Ms. Chan Hoi Mei

Principal of the Pui Ling School of the Precious Blood
Full interview

“Students construct their knowledge through the edgames’ cross-disciplinary content, the hands-on activities and the enhanced interactions with peers as well as teachers.”

Mr. Yeung Kit Man

Former Principal of Saint Rose of Lima’s College

These games are designed for every student in your class!

Bring our STEM edgame series to your classroom today. Play the games and teach with the support of our resources and activities.