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The Dot Dot Fire® difference

REAL Games. REAL Learning.

We weave virtual and reality to deliver original and creative educational game solutions (edga.me®) that make learning effortless for students, teachers, and parents.

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We don't "gamify", we make games.

We don't try to "find learning" in fun - we craft learning.


"Gamification" is the newest buzzword in 21st century education and educational games that promise to be fun are now a dime a dozen. We've seen plenty. Here's the international status quo: games that are fun provide little to no learning, and programs that teach aren't fun.

Local productions fail to deliver global standards. International powerhouses cannot provide a truly localized service.


We are Hong Kongers, World Class, and proud.

The NeighborMood™ Enters Public Testing

Dot Dot Fire and FoolProof Foundation's joint project The NeighborMood™ has begun its crucial beta testing phase. You can join our beta program with a few simple clicks, check out the links below!

The NeighborMood™ is a revolutionary mobile game that teaches healthy skepticism and consumer life skills. It will be officially released later this year on iOS and Android.

Tap the pictures to see the difference!

We don't make what kids call fake games or e-quizzes. At no point in their edga.me® experience will we blatantly ask students to "solve for x" or "find the answer". Students learn through in-game application, developing problem-solving skills and deeper understanding beyond rote learning and formulaic memorization.

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