The NeighborMood: 2021 Game of the Year


Play and learn financial literacy with the NeighborMood. Want to start gaming ethically and learning real consumer life skills? It’s just a download away – so let’s play!
See why it’s the 2021 Game of the Year (as recognized by the Institute for Financial Literacy).

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Real games & real learning

We don’t try to pick apart games to “find learning” either – we craft learning. Our mission isn’t just to help your kids learn, but to help them fall in love with learning. Now that’s an edgame.

Learn to apply

Your kids learn through in-game application, developing problem-solving skills and deeper understanding beyond rote learning and formulaic memorization.

Gaming ethically™

We create ethical games without hidden agendas. When you choose Dot Dot Fire, you are choosing quality educational content and mindful technology for your kids.

What they’re saying about Dot Dot Fire

“[The] game […] will cut through the noise and teach kids the skills to navigate a world increasingly hostile to their financial well-being.”

“Dot Dot Fire has developed multiple mobile-based games […] that incorporate learning into a fun, gamified framework.”

“Dot Dot Fire specializes in creating video games for e-learning — their aim is not to make kids learn, but to make them want to learn.”

Give your kids the ultimate play & learn experience

Dot Dot Fire’s educational games are designed for kids of all ages, supported with teaching guides for parents and schools. The edgames are in your hands.

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